Etrangle Portrait In Pano Diah Mastura by Singapore based award-winning commercial photographer. Specializes in a variety of commercial work ranging from portrait, food and interior photography.

The above image went public on a popular blog, It went on to bag several international competitions; 2013 International Photography Awards (Honorable Mention), 2013 WPPI Online (3rd Place), 2013 MPAUK Awards (Award of Excellence).

About the photographer.

Fauzi Anuar is a qualified master photographer (AMPA) specialising in portraiture, interiors and food.

A late bloomer, he disliked taking photographs before a turning point that grew his passion in photography rapidly. In a short span of one year after being introduced to the world of international exhibitions, he has submitted many images and received honorable mentions on some.

Receiving the Licentiate (in June 2012) awarded by the Master Photographers Association was his proudest moment signifying his passion in creating quality pictures. 1.5 years later, in Dec 2013, he received his Associateship with the association. He continuously strives to create unique style of photography, as can be seen by his “Portrait In Pano”.

He has won several awards namely from the International Photography Awards, Master Photography Awards and the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Awards.

Moving forward, he hopes to continue in his stride to create outstanding and astounding imagery, and receive higher accolades to continually improve and prove that creativity has no boundaries. He now specializes in portrait photography, food photography and interior photography.

He is a commercial photographer based in Singapore and has served several commercial clients such as those listed below.